Crackin' Toast - Grommit..

New set of daylily pictures taken at Pleasant Valley Gardens on 3rd Street in Dayton, OH. Thank You Thomas & Doug for letting me take pictures in your wonderful gardens. :-) Whew is it hot out here right now in Dayton, OH. Image Title is a reference made by Wallace of Wallace & Grommit English Inventor and his learned best friend who occasionally doubles as a sawhorse - uuhm 'cuz I've never seen a sawDAWG (and never hope to see one, but I could tell you anyhow...)


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bianca thomas 17 Jul 2006

very beautiful ....STUNNING

Analua 17 Jul 2006


Doris B. Lambling 17 Jul 2006

simply beautiful!

Marcia Wilson 16 Jul 2006

I love the juxtaposition between the white background's peeling paint and the lillies - great job, William!

joan warburton 16 Jul 2006

Absolutely stunning photo. This is outstanding!