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Iris Gorgeous

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LouAnn Knight 13 Mar 2010

Oh such a beauty. She has such a gentle look. A wonderful photo, so clean and clear.

Caballero Salguero 09 Jul 2009

My dear, Sharon: The cats with eyes grays. Great composition and delicate tones . Beautiful. Hugs. José

Laurel Talabere 01 Jun 2009

I love the eyes!!

Michael Jones 31 May 2009

Nice cat! Great shot!

Lynn De Serres 24 May 2009

Gorgeous indeed !!


AWWWWW . What a sweet looking kitty . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

Jan van Baarle 20 May 2009

Yes, she is Gorgeous. Great shot

Eugenia Abramson 18 May 2009

Lovely portrait

Maureen Bloesch 18 May 2009

Beautiful image!

Ai Shan 18 May 2009

It's a beauty portrait, dear Sharon!

Johnnie Jumper III 18 May 2009

Hellow Kitty!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 18 May 2009

Excellent capture, Sharon!!! He is adorable!!!

Delfina Mendonça 18 May 2009

Lovely cat , SHARON

Keenya Woods 18 May 2009

pretty kitty!

Robin Foss 18 May 2009

Great shot.

Anna Marie Fritz 18 May 2009

Precious baby, this Iris! I love the look in her eyes.

Brenda Loveless 18 May 2009

fantastic portrait of Iris!

Teresa Dominici 18 May 2009

Oh, Sharon, Iris is beautiful.

John Cappello 18 May 2009

Sharon,Bless your heart with both aptitude and stamina, "And keep us ever mindful of the needs and wants of others" This fellow looks like he's ready for a bowl.a great capture in those eyes.

Dennis Knecht 18 May 2009

Great Shot Sharon!

Ralph Miller 17 May 2009

got to love those eyes

Susana Araujo 17 May 2009

Yes, really gorgeous!

Lorna Skeie 17 May 2009

Iris is just beautiful..those eyes! I need more time to go through all your things but I have started it and I love it. Do you live near Van Buren? I had a very dear long time friend pass away last month from there. In my travels I have never been to Arkansas.

Frank Maguire 17 May 2009

nice shot Sharon.

Teresa Blanton 17 May 2009

very nice

Marika Antal 17 May 2009

such a lovely cats eyes...gorgeous!!

Bev Chudey 17 May 2009

Iris is very pretty Sharon!

Vincent von Frese 17 May 2009

A beautiful cat you have!

Warren Ballard 17 May 2009

Cute photo Sharon!

mel taylor 17 May 2009

She IS gorgeous, Sharon!!! Great shot!! Mel

gabrielle lee 17 May 2009

Very Gorgeous cat!! Iris has such beautiful markings 'n eyes......lovely photo of her:)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 May 2009


Kim Yvonne Cady 17 May 2009

Beautiful eyes she has... looks like a gentle baby.. great photo!

gregory gallo 17 May 2009

it is a cats world, and they allow us to live in it, iris is gorgeous!!! i will send you photos of my grayboy

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 17 May 2009

Beautiful portrait of Iris... Lovely colour

Donald Schrier 17 May 2009

Great shot and I just love all the colors in the eyes

Julie Mayser 17 May 2009

Iris has such beautiful markings! You have captured her lovely eyes so well!

kelvin Hughes 17 May 2009

not another puusy pic lol

geoff cooper 17 May 2009

another lovely capture from you dear Sharon...

James Carney 17 May 2009

Very nice photo, My cat " Hemi " likes her too.

Brian Simons 17 May 2009

Gorgeous photo Sharon, love the pink/purple grays here. Brian

Anneke Hut 17 May 2009

Yes, gorgeous and cute!

Kovács János 17 May 2009

Hello IRIS'' :))

Joanna Jungjohann 17 May 2009

beautiful cat, and foto, sharon. I think she is a tad peeved at having her mug shot though. lol

woodrow williams 17 May 2009


BILL NAGY 17 May 2009

Pretty Iris, well imaged. Nice capture, Sharon. BILL NAGY

Regina Coeli deWinter 17 May 2009

Fabulous kitty, fabulous lighting!

Miles Baker 17 May 2009

PURRfection is acheived wiv this lovely work! Miles x

Stefani Wehner 17 May 2009

what a sweety with wonderful eyes and so beautiful catched, Sharon!

Nira Dabush 17 May 2009

Such soft and wonderful lighting, Sharon.. Your Iris is indeed SO GORGEOUS... So beautifully captured by yourself XOXOX Nira.

Gloria Ricker 17 May 2009

awww what a sweet baby!

lillianhibiscus 17 May 2009

Beautiful Iris. You got a great angle. Wonderful capture Sharon.

Annette Labedzki 17 May 2009

I just fell in love!

Sigridur Bachmann 17 May 2009

What a lovely photo ! Iris is getting more beautiful every day !

ruth sears 17 May 2009

This cat is so beautiful and I love the name you gave her.wonderful capture of this sweetie!