Artist Bio

Born in Romania, Oana Lauric shares her heart and time between three adoptive countries: France, where she studied art, architecture and found a fountain of inspiration, Italy where she rediscovered her roots and the United States, where her home is and where her art blooms.

After a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts, she went on to graduate from UP6 in Paris France with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture. Although she began her professional career as an Architect, her passion for fine arts prevailed. In time, a body of work developed and matured and Art became the way of expressing her deepest self.

In Oana’s partially abstracted figurative paintings, portraits and landscapes, reality and imaginary visions get playfully tangled and nourish each other. Most of them narrate a story, engaging the viewer in an array of emotions from a woman’s perspective. The human body offers an infinite vocabulary of shapes and textures, the transparencies and reflections of the skin playing with the light provide a continual source of inspiration. On the ocean shore, the colors emerge in bold contrasts and shining solar vibrations unlike anywhere else. In a false labyrinth but concise vision, her canvases fill out with watercolors, pastel, charcoal and pencil, with oil, acrylic and metallic pigments.

Stemming from the marriage of realism and abstraction, the world of Oana Lauric's lively, luxuriant colors appears to the viewer complex and bewitching. Handling colors with mastery, the artist invites us into her lyric, often erotic universe. Her generous paintings abound of secrets, allusions and illusions…

Oana Lauric continues to exceed the limits of her career as artist, distinguishing her talent in national and international competitions, art shows, galleries and private collections. Now more than ever, surrounded by the fresh, powerful beauty of Maine, she cultivates her art as a total way of living, personal and professional alike.

Artist Highlights