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13 Aug, 2017

back at work in the studio after a storytelling hiatus .working on "Shimmers" 18 x 48 format based on drawing and writing from the 1970's and multiscape concepts. I will do some smaller paper studies also. Also started another realism work - "Ma Bell" . Getting resources together to re-start "Old Macjines"..........


25 Jul, 2017

Back to work in the studio today. Took a little storytelling trip to the Bay Area last week. https://www.storiesandstrings.com/the-dulcimer-project/. Three pieces in process and 3 new canvases for revisit of 1970's notebook work on the way. Very exciting. Three more realism pieces on the boards also. Windows, Musician and Old Machines pieces.


17 Jul, 2017

new "Rift Zone" in process


17 Jul, 2017

Working on several pieces now using enamel spray paint, thrown on paint. and masking techniques.


08 Jul, 2017

City skin - Bank Curb Parking coming along nicely.


03 Jul, 2017

Jul, 2017

Making progress on latest city skin painting. Also working on looking at my old notebooks and getting re-inspired with observations from that time in my art career. Paintings I never was able to start.... I can now do


29 Jun, 2017

I used some old techniques for painting with sand as part of this new "City Skin " painting today and the results were good -lots of room to explore with my three base surfaces now and do some more "Farhads Zone" approaches to compositions as well as applications to the City Skin work..


21 Jun, 2017

Video of new display space posted on my Facebook. Here is address Jun, 2017

Here is a video on Facebook page that shows the new display space. Brother Thelonius Quintet in the background. Three paintings in process now. here is link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211682095360783&set=pcb.10211682148202104&type=3&theater cut and paste this into your browser if it is not a hot link. other photos in post are from fathers day on the coast.


11 Jun, 2017

Old Souls painting is finished. Starting on a couple of new city skins paintings. Working on three paintings now - building stretcher bars for two more fantasy realism works - Maui school bus and a window painting.. Nice sunset tonight from the studio deck.!


04 Jun, 2017

Working on the Old Souls and finishing Abstract "Parallax View" Hung three more pieces in the gallery display area. looking good.