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01 Nov, 2013

Here are my recently published books with short descriptions. I'd appreciate your feedback. I sometimes offer a free promotional give-away. Let me know if you want to know when.

TELLING YOUR STORY WITH THE FIVE MINUTE MUSE--Your Life in Short Stories, Poems or a Novel, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FCYIW18 I started telling my story in order to connect the many chapters of my life and feel the continuity of experiences in childhood, college, grad schools, journeys in India & Nepal, and life in a mystic, contemplative Order. My lives of body, mind, and spirit seemed to be in different, chapters with different versions of me in each one. Who was I? What was the meaning of my life? I remembered wise sayings: drink the water of thine own well; know thyself; an unexamined life is not worth living…

Reconnecting with tastes, sounds, feelings, images, and wisdoms of of my life, transforms my awareness of all who I am and brings new resources into my present. Remembering: I came back from dying in New Delhi, alone, with no money or ticket home, in a hospital with no windows and a vulture on the door top..! If I could survive that, how could anything stop me!

I invite you to reawaken the experiences of the chapters of your life and all of whom you are. I hope you’ll share your unique wisdom with your children and others!

MANDALA--An Interactive Book for Children and their Parents, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E01OAHE Mandala Magic is an interactive book, for children from 7-14 years old and their parents, about a universal art form based on a circle. It might be a visual treat for even younger, curious, creative children, inspiring new ways of looking at other cultures, nature and art.

Thirty-two images include mandalas from different cultures including Tibetan and Native American mandalas. Tibetans may spend weeks creating sand mandalas while focusing on a prayer. When it is finished, they destroy it to release its blessing. Native Americans create medicine wheels representing harmony and peace among all living beings on Earth. From something as small as a raindrop, as simple as a bird’s nest, to the greatest cycles of the seasons or the cycle of life, all are circles. All are mandalas.

Many nature mandalas including vegetables, fruit, flowers, spider webs, sea creatures and shells are included in the book. Pictures of food mandalas show artful salads with edible flowers and delicious dessert mandalas. Many examples of the author’s original art inspire new ways of looking at nature to see the essential energy of butterflies, turtles, birds, frost, fire, and zebras. The author shows samples of personal mandalas from the handwriting and colors of different people showing their energy and personalities.

The last section of the book offers a variety of ideas for children to do: finding mandalas to color, using mandalas for self discovery and meditation, and making mandalas from a variety of different materials: pictures, words, flowers, stamps, stones, chalk, magazines, bottle caps, food lids, shells, string, fabric, ribbons, buttons, scraps of colorful paper, scarves, stickers, and sometimes a little glitter to add a finishing touch.

The author, Sara Deutsch is an Arts in Education teacher, multimedia artist, and Creative Arts Therapist who helps children expand their creativity and discover and develop their unique talents.

CREATIVE MEDITATIONS WITH YOUR FIVE MINUTE MUSE--Exploring Ink Blots, Energy Prints, Collage and Digital Painting, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EXR5WMC

A BLIND DATE WITH YOUR INFINITE CREATIVE MIND!! Your brain can make more connections than all of the atoms in the universe! It’s wired for infinite creativity! But the stress of speedy living, information overload and the thousands of thoughts crowding your mind each day make you forget the three-pound universe within.

Five minute creative meditations are an instantaneous, effective and enjoyable way to gain the benefits of meditation and experience the stillness, timelessness and unlimited creative freedom you may have known in childhood. Each five minute muse creates a gentle pressure that keeps you going without stopping, no matter what. You can use your intuitive creations for guidance, goal clarification, intuitive problem solving, emotional release, visual journaling and other creative projects.

Energy prints take less than a minute to make your inner life visible. Inkblots reawaken visual intuition so you can see meaning and guidance in patterns of clouds, cracks in walls or tea leaves. Collage opens multidimensional imagination. If you can cut and paste, you can create magical fire flowers, winged wolves and mountains with eyes! Collage mandalas become your personal tarot. The computer is an extraordinary tool for self-exploration, insight, and sacred geometry. It can take you into the heart of nature! Sara shares her digital visions and offers simple ways anyone with basic. even free digital software, can begin painting with pixels--painting with light!

Sara Deutsch is a muse, visionary artist and teacher who focuses on creativity as an awakening and healing force. Her journey led her into many worlds. She trekked alone in the Himalayas and lived in virgin jungles of Hawaiian Islands, eating only fruit and wild vegetables. Sara draws from Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, life in a contemplative order and 27 years of teaching and multimedia explorations.

FIVE MINUTE MAGIC FOR CREATIVE WRITERS--Send Your Critic on Vacation! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EH2J36O If you are, or wish to be a creative writer, you’ve probably heard your Critic, that stifling inner voice, tell you as you write: “that’s stupid,” “what’s the point?,” “why bother?” “you can’t do that!” “what would people think!” “too weird!,” “you can’t write!” But when you use FIVE MINUTE MAGIC, an instantaneous whole-brain strategy that sends your linear, goal-directed Critic on vacation, creative associations, memories and ideas flow easily and abundantly. With daily practice, as you activate your brain, you will write poems, songs, stories, journal entries, fantasies, even chapters of your book, in five minutes! Creativity Consultant and Artist, Sara Deutsch, shares the FIVE MINUTE MAGIC that for 27 years freed her students and clients from domination by the Critic and inspired them to go on five minute blind dates with their Infinite unknown self! Chapters of this illustrated book include: Your Critic and the Apple of Judgment, The Child and the Critic—A timing Metaphor, FIVE MINUTE MAGIC, Immediate Dramatic Results, Zen Randomness, Freeflow Fantasies, The Angel of Loving Detachment, Because I want to write!, Critical Things to Remember. FRACTALS—Seeing Nature's Hidden Dimension, http://www.amazon.com/dp/BOOE7W2BXQ

FRACTALS--Seeing Nature's Hidden Dimension is about opening our eyes to see the strange, beautiful forms of fractals everywhere. The whole universe is fractal, and seeing fractals can change the way you look at your world! In this richly illustrated book with 40 images, you will see fractals in trees, leaves, landscapes, water, rivers, clouds, flowers, snow, lightning, vegetables, biological networks, birds and sea creatures, as well as the author's inspired, fractal paintings.

Old Euclidean math deals with simple smooth shapes like points, lines, circles, cubes and squares, It’s useful for describing things that people make--buildings, bridges, industrial goods--but can’t explain the rough, irregular shapes found in nature. “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles," said Mandlebrot, who coined the word, "fractal." This new geometry allows us to describe the unpredictable: the timing and sizes of earthquakes, fluctuations in financial markets and the variation in a person's heartbeat.

Fractals are not only mysterious and beautiful; they are useful, inspiring scientists in medicine, genetics, engineering, astronomy and ecology. Fractals can diagnosis diseases, create new products, like cell phone antennae. They create realistic alien environments in science fiction movies. like Star Trek and Star Wars, special effects and games, and dazzling art and music.

Most importantly, fractals change the way we see the world. Recognizing the chaotic, fractal nature of our world gives us new insight, and wisdom. It can teach us to trust our intuition, and gut instincts. Fractal geometry inspires us to study nature and find order in what seems random. FRACTAL THINGS TO DO, the final chapter of the book shows how children, as well as adults, can create their own fractals, and offers suggestions for learning more about nature’s hidden dimension and the thumbprints of creation.


07 Apr, 2007


The Creative Spirit leads me into many worlds. Ive trekked alone in the Himalayas and lived naked in virgin jungles of Hawaii. Ive been scientist, monastic in a mystic order artist and teacher. I seem to learn the same lessons wherever I am: to have faith in the unknown; to ride the wave of the moment; to let go of the illusion of control; to plumb the depths of mind and emotion without fear or judgment. And best of all --to play!

Soon after I started taking cello lessons at the age of 7, I began to tune my strings to a new chord each morning--Bird calls, traffic, electronic hums, wind, rain on the roof... any sound of the moment entered into my chord. My cello teacher gave up on me, saying, "I cannot teach this child. She does everything her own way!" The unknown chord was my way--my true teacher. I never knew what to expect when I moved from one string to another on the fretless cello finger board. Anything could happen! I could not plan or prepare or practice my response. The unknown chord taught me to ride the wave of the moment and to hear unfamiliar sounds with new ears, just as they are, without judgment. There is no mistake!

At the age of 8, I discovered that bathrooms have wonderful acoustics. I would lie on my belly in the tub, submerge my whole face in the water and generate sounds through my mouth or nose. The different chambers in my mouth, throat, nose, sinuses, and head were like newly discovered rooms in an infinite mansion. I could mold strange and wonderful sounds by changing the size and shape of these inner chambers. Overtones transported me into a reality beyond time or space where I rode the wave of uncreated sound. After many years in the academic world, I left my doctoral dissertation in psychobiology to pursue my adventure with the Creative Spirit. In an ashram on Maui I gathered with others at dawn for Chaotic Meditation. In the dark we moved and emitted random sounds for 10 minutes without stopping. Issha, zszpbt, horrimandidn, pfftlllllttt, grandgnet, loooof, llllit, ansugggggg! click, cluck, snaggzzz....... Whispers, calls, yells, chants. No rules. But you couldnt stop moving or making random sounds no matter what. Chaotic meditation blasted through my barriers of fear, habit and conformity. Everyone sounded pretty much like me in the dark...so I wasnt crazy! And I discovered sounds, movements and feelings that transported me beyond the boundaries of my culture and my mind. I AM MORE THAN I KNOW!

Chaotic meditation inspired me to create gentler versions of the process--freeflow writing, toning, painting, energy drawings-- all done in concentrated 5-minute sessions. I remembered how to paint like a child--dripping, splattering, spraying, rotating pieces of silk in large frames. What will happen when a river of red flows into a pool of blue? Sprinkling salt crystals on layers of wet dye, I watched them come alive, move and grow. Sometimes they created schools of tiny fish, amoebas, ghost faces, frost, blossom or leaf patterns as they absorbed the dye and dried. Painting outside, I set things up and choose the colors, but wind, sun, water, salt and gravity did the painting. As I gave up the illusion of control, I became free to play.

The computer became a mystic friend who leads me into the heart of nature. When I rotate simple patterns, like hand-written letters around a center, using a simple painting program, all kinds of patterns and fractals, as seen in flowers, plants, shells, water, wind, emerge. Cyberalchemy is also a path into the mystery of my inner life. I close my eyes, take the computer mouse in my non-preferred hand, and let my energy create movement. When I release the mouse, a record of my experience leaps into being in the colors of the moment. The titles of these quick daily paintings reveal their meaning for me: Stimulus, Alone, Emergence, Fool, Jagged Energy,Help me!, Birth....

My scanner is a time machine connecting me with memories, feelings and wisdom from the past! A mandala made from multiple images of my my father who died when I was seven and my 4-year-old self potently concentrated his presence and intensified my memories and feelings about him. As I created this new, empowering pattern, I transformed some of the loss and insecurity evoked by his death. I brought his power and support into my present. Later I created a spiral superimposing childhood, adolescent and mature images of myself to help me remember who I am beyond all the changes. ************************* (from a 5-minute freeflow writing session,96) The Creative Spirit beckons me: Go further. Go beyond the curtain, Go backstage where the technicians and artists of the inner theater create the show. Go deeper. Go to the core. Go to the center. Where the sap of creation flows thick and steady. Go on! Go on! Nothing to cling to. Nothing to grab. Flow down the stream singing of the moment that comes once and dies... Of the moment that comes and dies, comes and dies.. Waves in the ocean, blinks in the eye, yods in the light of eternity... I am that! I am that!


07 Apr, 2007

CREATIVE SANCTUARY (A vision seeking creative collaborators) Artist healers seeking sanctuary from worldly concerns are welcome to come and regenerate until they are ready to participate in various projects and cottage industries. CDs, books, videos and other projects are created from improvisational music, movement,imagery & words. Each person offers their special talents and skills to collaborative projects. We create retreats where visitors are nurtured by silence, sharing and participating in creative play. Small groups of artists create hand-painted silk wearable art--ponchos, tunics, pants, hats. They collaborate on the painting, design and detailing (beading, feathering, etc.) of each item. The unique creations are sold in our own boutique and on our website.

The setting is rural yet close to colleges and a well-developed city. In the center of several acres of wooded land is a large dome divided into many segments--kitchen, dining room, meeting rooms, a living room with a huge fireplace, Clustered around the dome, some father away than others, are small studios, also circular and very simple--a kitchenette, bathroom, bed and office. In the hills or acoustically separate from all others, is a large, layered multimedia play dome. In the center of all the layers is a control room housing the multimedia technology, musical instruments, video projectors, etc. Arrayed around around the center, built into the floor are retractable couches. On upper levels there are huge Yucatan-like hammocks, for those who like to lie suspended in the bath of sounds and images. Those making the music and creating the patterns of light and imagery operate by sitting or standing at a circular keyboard open to inputs from 2-9 people. Acoustic instruments and voice can be added to the mix. The walls of the play dome are made of layered material that can be made transparent or opaque by pumping in transparent or opaque colored fluid.

We establish our own company to market and distribute our creations. The enterprise is successful because each of us does what we love the most for the whole group. I spend much of my time in the studio with other artists and musicians & poets creating the CD-ROMs; others do the editing and polishing of the final product; still others market and distribute the tapes and videos, software, books, art, workshops and retreats. In the city we have an outpost for our work. It is center for the arts and healing where we have classes, groups, clients, performances, events, and sell our products.

Please respond if you respond to this vision, or have suggestions, or contacts about manifesting it. Thank you! Sara Deutsch, M.S.(Ph.D.abd) Creative Arts Therapist Creativity Consultant, Educator Multimedia Artist


Brenda Bell 16 Oct 2012

You tell a story of softness and your paintings are touching to the heart with excellent colors flowing.Thank you.