Artist Bio

Linda is the eldest of 9 children. Linda comes from a long line of artists of various mediums. The arts range from visual to the musical, written to the spoken. Linda reflects often on how her mother would paint a scene from a distant country on one of the walls in their home when she was a young child or how her father would flatten a brown paper bag for the children to draw on.

Linda has lived in more than ten cities throughout the United States and traveled to as many countries throughout the world. Linda was a volunteer art instructor for her church, while living in Atlanta Georgia and a mentor through the NAACP for the Department of Juvenile Justice in Cobb and Fulton County. Linda is currently on display in Washington DC at the James Art Gallery and has been welcomed by the Venusians in California at Venice Beach. Linda had the honor of being the "Artist of the Month" and on display in City Hall of the City Carson in California, receiving a commendation from the mayor for her accomplishments in Art. Linda has been a return guest to the Culver City, CA new Tourist Community outdoor festival for the year 2005. Sibblings Websites: links: www.umanitoba.ca/faulties/music/staff/kirby_steve.html


Artist Highlights